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Welcome to Wholehearted Devotion Ministries.

Wholehearted Devotion was formed out of Russell and Bonnie Snyder's desire to see people's lives touched and healed through God's love.

God has motivated us to use the principles of Restoring the Foundations as we are led to work with people through an individually personalized ministry plan. God's Spirit then brings them into an understanding of who they were created to be as He opens their ears and eyes to their God given identity.

Being Healing House Network® Ministers with Restoring The Foundations Ministry we are given opportunities to watch God change those lives desiring freedom from the hurt and pain (both emotional and spiritual) they have due to their life experiences. As we minister with RTF sessions we have seen God give great freedom to people in many areas including those who come to us feeling “stuck”. Within RTF sessions God goes for the roots of people’s issues. Then the followup tools for walking out a person’s healing sets them up for continued victory. 

As God opens various doors of opportunity we work with people to advance the Kingdom of God.

If you are interested in helping others have an opportunity to receive this ministry who may not personally have the funding available to receive ministry, please go to the donate button at the top of this page where you can give toward our scholarship fund.

 People's Response to RTF Ministry 

Our time with Russell and Bonnie Snyder was one of the most pivitol and life changing times for my wife and me. We have been in minsitry for 17 years and the Snyders brought an invaluable perspecitve and reality to our life and experiences as they have been in ministry themselves. They not only provided a comfortable environment but they also provided complete clarity, love, and honesty for the journey that we were on.  
I would recomend everyone, especially those in ministry, to take time to invest in one of the most important things in life…the healling and wholeness of your spirit and soul. Russell and Bonnie are a gift to the body of Christ and have been a powerful tool in the journey and healing of our life and ministry.  C&W - 2015

Latest News

As 2015 comes to an end let us know if you would like to receive ministry in the next couple of months. 

Contact us at: (760) 814-8123 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bonnie and Russell also provide ministry with Pre-marital Counseling. We take couples through up to 10 sessions to help prepare you for married life together. Click HERE for more information. 

As of September 26, 2015 we are officially trained as Healing and Deliverance Seminar Leaders as well as Issue Focus Activation Seminar Leaders. This allows us to go to local churches or ministry setttings to train and equip people to be Issue Focus Ministers at the Local Church or Regional Healing House level.

Russell and Bonnie with our friend Pauline Ezllell (RTF Trainer and Seminar Leader)

Us and Pauline3


We want to thank Media 4 Productions for all their help to package the message of what we are doing to bring God glory. The creativity demonstrated in this website is an exciting way of declaring through the internet a quality of communication for Wholehearted Devotion.