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You are a Gift

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on Thursday, 26 July 2012
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You Are a Gift I would like to share with you something the Lord did and said one recent special day. I believe it is not just for me but a message from our Father to all His children. “Put your hands out before you, in a way that you can hold something. Now in your hands place whatever you have today that is a concern, issue, problem, burden, anything that is weighing on you. Our Father says to you, “I will hold it for you. I want your full focus on me and my voice for the next 24 hours. At the end of that time whether or not I give your burden back to you is completely up to you.” Now visualize a beautifully wrapped gift box, wrap and bow. This is a gorgeous package, one that is extraordinary.

Next the wrapping paper is off to the side of the box. It is now crumpled, the bow is off but both are still quite pretty. The wrap represents a time and purpose in your life. A time that you were in a bright, shiny, special season. It is still a special season in time- it is just to the side like the crumpled wrapping paper. Look now at the unopened gift box. It is you. Maybe the box is opened partially. Regardless the entire gift is not yet out of the box.

The Lord says to you, “You are a special gift to the Body of Jesus Christ. I want to use you in this season. No more are you an unused gift. I paid dearly for you- my gift and spared no expense so that you would thrive. You are not a cheap gift. There was a time others only saw your shiny, attractive packaging. Yes, in that time I was brought glory, honor and praise. That was then. This is now. Now my desire is for you to allow the rest of who you are in me to come out of the box. It is time to use the fullness of the gift that you are. You have set aside the gift of yourself like a special occasion. “ “Who are you? You know who you are. I have placed your destiny in your spirit from the beginning. It is in this season, your season of maturity that I call your forth to live a life of excellence before me. Who are you I ask? You are who you truly are when you are alone with me and no other person watches.” “You are my gift to the rest of the Body. Will you be who I made you to be? My precious gift.” Blessings, Bonnie

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