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Choose Faith Over Fear - Pt 2

Posted by Russ Snyder
Russ Snyder
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on Saturday, 06 June 2015 in Uncategorized

Jesus acknowledges our faith, and blesses us for stepping out and trusting Him, even when the darkness of fear comes in an overwhelming way. In Mark 5 a woman is healed by touching Jesus' cloak, just touching the clothes He is wearing. Everyone is amazed and with amazement faith rises to new levels.

Faith can be overwhelmed as we wait. When we wait so many opportunities for our hopes and plans to crash against the rocks begin to show themselves. Fear can rise up quickly and overwhelm the faith that has been growing steadily. The faith is still there, it may just be overshadowed by fears loud and boisterous voice yelling "No way! It's not going to happen! It's too late now!"

Fear has at its heart the issue of control. What we cannot control, do not understand in order to control, is feared.

In the middle of all this celebration of a woman whose issues go back over a decade, bad news arrives from Jairus' house. Do you remember? "Your daughter has died; why trouble the Teacher anymore?" What must this news do to Jairus? To his faith? Do these words steal his faith and hope?

Have the "facts" of what others shared ever caused you to doubt the "truth" of what God has said? There is a difference between facts and truth. Facts are based on the perspective of what someone sees or experiences. God's truth is based on His word and nature. When God tells us to believe, it is important even essential to believe to the end. Fear will always, yes always, try to rob you of the faith to believe God's truth.

Jairus must be devastated. Jesus hears what is said and exhorts, encourages, almost demands Jairus with "Do not be afraid, only believe."

Do not be afraid, only believe. It's another way of telling us to "Choose Faith over Fear!" Jesus tells him not to be afraid, only believe because for so many of us our tendency is to step back into the destructive habit pattern fear uses to overwhelm us.

Jesus limits the people who He allows to come with Him to Jairus' house. He chooses to have people of faith come with Him. Interesting thought: would he choose me to go with Him? Does He choose me to go with Him to encourage others, to strengthen others, to ask for a miracle on their behalf? What about you? Tough question? Let's move on then. But think about it . . . .

When Jesus and company arrive at the house there are already so many people there who are choosing fear. Don't get me wrong, grieving is a natural emotion that comes with someone dying, especially someone so young. But when Jesus brings up the issue of faith they laugh at Him. At times fear can be displayed in mocking someone, even laughing at their faith. Fear and faith cause us to look at situations, circumstances and life differently don't they?

Jesus takes five people with Him into the little girl's room. He chooses people who have faith, have seen Him do amazing things before. He chooses her parents who so want to have faith and believe. Remember the account of Jesus telling a man whose son was possessed: "Don't be afraid, only believe?" The man responds with "I do believe, help my unbelief." Or "I choose to believe and have faith, help me overcome my fear!" You see faith, even a little faith, can get you in the room. While choosing fear can cause you to miss out completely. You either choose faith or fear. And when we choose faith, fear tries exceptionally hard to knock us off balance. But with faith, we get in the room where Jesus is about to do something incredible.

We find ourselves with Jesus in the little girl's room and He simply takes her hand and declares in faith "Little girl, I say to you, get up!" Have you ever considered how much Jesus did in faith? 

Well it brings the little girl to her feet and Jesus gives her back to her parents. All five with Him, the people of faith, were completely astonished. Just because we have faith it doesn't mean what God does will not astound us. I love it when God completely astonishes me. It is so much fun!!!

Let's choose faith over fear. Being completely astonished over laughing and mocking people who choose faith. Does God always move in accordance with our faith? He hasn't always moved the way I've chosen to believe, but I still choose faith. After all, God is God and I, well I'm Russell. A man who chooses faith over fear. Don't let fear drive you away from faith. Keep believing, keep trusting God, keep wanting to be like Jesus. There's a difference between faith and trust. Give that some thought this week. And watch for fear to raise it's ugly head. When it does, because it seems it always does, embrace faith in God, tell fear to go where Jesus Christ sends it and be completely astonished. It's a great way to live abundantly.

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