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Pre-marital and Marital Counseling


Hurt people hurt people. It is important for anyone seeking spiritual counseling with us to realize they are in need of gaining personal freedom and healing. Our desire is to see lasting change in an indivuidal's life, therefore each person we agree to counsel spiritually is required to go with us through either a Restoring the Foundations Issue Focus Ministry Session (one Session of approximately three hours for healing of a single issue - $250.00) or preferably a Restoring the Foundations Thorough Format Session (fifteen hours for an individual to receive deeper healing of multiple issues - $1,000.00 and thirty four hours for a couple - $2,150.00). 


This sets the individual or couple up for greater freedom and healing in their lives. In the case of a couple, spiritually strengthening and healing in their marriage through additional sessions of one hour of length per session ($75.00 per hour).


The initial RTF Session(s) with each person helps us as we seek direction from God’s Spirit for future counseling sessions. 



PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING is extremely helpful in preparing two people to live together. There are so many areas of married life people often do not think through before their wedding day. Bonnie and Russell have put together 10 Sessions of Pre-Marital Counseling if you would like to be better prepared before saying your vows. We can do these in person or over Skype/FaceTime. Each session will take approximately 60 minutes.

The cost is $75 per session which includes the wisdom and experience God has given both Bonnie and Russell through their 30+ years of married life and ministry.

Please contact us to set up your first session and with questions you might have.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 760.814.1238



Each person will be seeing Restoring the Foundations Ministers Russell and Bonnie Snyder who will be able to listen, support, encourage, pray with, and minister to each individual to help s/he overcome their problem(s) and to grow in their Christian life. They accept that the Snyders are not licensed or professional counselors, minister by the Christian Bible, are ordained and are full-time ministers, and have been pastors but not counselors. The person acknowledges that all ministry is under the direction and control of God's Holy Spirit, and that no guarantees are made, nor can be made, by anyone or by any organization that the individual will or will not receive any particular healing. Thus each person waives all rights to claims of liability.