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Leadership for Breakthrough: A Balanced Approach to Leadership (Series: Activating God’s Five-Fold Equipping Gifts Book 1)

Leadership in twos or threes is not enough to see a Move of God continue for decades. A Move of God may come to a church or a community, but without the all the Leaders of Jesus Christ’s Church working together history shows the Move will be short lived. These Leaders need to understand each other and their gifting, work together. Not separately, not in twos or threes. It takes all Five of the gifts Jesus Christ gave to His Church in Ephesians 4:11-13. Leadership for Breakthrough opens our eyes to how a Move of God will continue to last – like it did with the Moravians by Russell and Bonnie Snyder.

Church Leadership in Breakthrough: A Balanced Approach to Leadership (Series: Activating God’s Five-Fold Equipping Gifts Book 2)

God’s plan for His Church has always been to use Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers to lead His people by equipping, training, aligning, mending and preparing them to do the ministry. This book lays the groundwork for a local congregation to move from a traditional pastor led congregation to one in which all Five of the Equipping Gifts of Ephesians 4:11-13 are working together to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry. 
The focus of this book is to bring some understanding of what needs to take place for the Five Equipping Gifts to have an impact on local congregations. Each congregation looks different than another, so this is not a cookie cutter version of what to do. As form always follows function so each local congregation may have been set in place to reach different types of people to accomplish a different part in advancing God’s Kingdom – each congregation’s function will determine the form it takes by Russell Snyder.

The Prophetic Ministry: Understanding How to Share God’s Heart

A study on the words Prophecy, Prophetic, Prophet(s), Prophesy, Prophesying in both the Old and New Testaments and how they impact us today. The second part of this book includes proposed biblical guidelines of how to see Prophecy used within local congregations by Russell Snyder.

Emotions: The Controlling Factor in the Church

Emotions are the controlling factor in our society today. Have you ever wondered where your emotions come from? Are you able to recognize when your emotions are controlling you? Do you wonder why they have such a great impact on your daily decision-making? So many of the influences affecting us have targeted our emotions. If you want to be like Jesus, this practical, encouraging and challenging biblical insight will help you to use your emotions the way Jesus Christ used His. Whether it is a poor self image, medicating one’s pain, fighting for your rights or dealing with people who justify their actions and manipulate others, God can help you discern how to live your life in control of your emotions. Either you control your emotions or your emotions will control you by Russell Snyder.


The Storm Clouds Are Forming (Surviving the Storm Book 1)

Pastor Dave Wells heart is gripped with excitement as God’s Spirit is moving in the lives of the Youth Group and Community of East Valley even as the seeds of dissension are being sown. Jim Hardy, the only Elder who disapproves of what God is doing, questions if it is God. Just how much can a person do to bring a halt to the signs and wonders. 
Whether it is the college student desperate to recover from a horrendous car accident, a High School Football team fighting to win it all, or the people who want their church back, Pastor Dave is right in the middle. A storm is forming over his own congregation as a Move of God increases. But who controls the perspective of the few who want the changes in the church to stop.
As the move of God spreads and more people are drawn in is it the answer to people’s prayers? The struggle is uncovered through the daily events dividing friends and families. Can a Pastor and his leaders sustain a move of God while others work to stop it and both sides believe they are doing what their Lord wants? by Russell Snyder

In the Midst of the Storm (Surviving the Storm Book 2)

As the Move of God continues at East Valley Community Church and on the Jr High and High School Campuses, a group of dissenters has begun attempting to disrupt the Church and its leadership. Pastor Dave, the Elders and their wives find themselves in the midst of a storm intended to drive them away by overwhelming them with complaints.
A Council is setup to “help” turn the church in a direction acceptable to those who want things to go back to the way they were before God began moving. Division, manipulation and betrayal blow into the lives of God’s people who must discern what is right in their community. The recommendations by the council and the trauma weaves its way through the community and the church as everyone finds themselves in the Midst of the Storm by Russell Snyder.

Restoring the Foundations Book available through Wholehearted Devotion $35 includes shipping.

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Deep and permanent healing and freedom can be yours! Through the finished work of Jesus Christ, under the direction and anointing of the Holy Spirit, you can be free of those problems that are attempting to hinder, oppress, and destroy you and your family. Restoring the Foundations explains the four ministry areas: Sins of the Fathers and Resulting Curses, Ungodly Beliefs, Soul/Spirit Hurts, Demonic Oppression.

When you read this book you will learn: The basics for effective in these four areas, why these areas must be ministered to in an integrated manner, why ignoring any one of these areas can undermine your total healing, how and why the Integrated Approach to Healing Ministry sits you free.

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