Wholehearted Devotion

May you demonstrate wholehearted Devotion to the Lord our God by following His rules and obeying His commandments.

1 Kings 8:61

Encouraging and Lifting People’s Lives

Wholehearted Devotion was formed out of Russell and Bonnie’s desire to build platforms of success under people’s lives. We are finding the most effective ways of helping people find God’s love for themselves is through knowing Him and recognizing His voice in their lives. Part of our recognizing how to enjoy life more than ever before comes from our own journey of getting to know God through knowing and loving Him in the midst of deep hurt, loss and life encounters with Him.

The compassion and openness God has released in us as a spiritual mother and father helps us listen without judging the people He brings our way. God has allowed us to relate to people with different wounds and issues. We are more “general practitioners than specific issue ministers”. Having been involved in pastoral ministry for over forty years, our life experiences are being used by God to be effective Ministers in the lives of Church Leaders, their staff members and especially Pastors.